Traidcraft gloves medium

Traidcraft Natural Rubber Gloves (medium)


  • Durable to withstand scrubbing
  • Fairtrade
  • Ecofriendly natural rubber
  • Green colour
  • Medium sized

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About this product

Whether you’re doing the dishes, hand-washing clothes, or doing some spring cleaning, these fair trade and eco-friendly kitchen gloves will ensure your hands are protected from detergents and hot temperatures. Made from natural rubber harvested at the first light of dawn in Sri Lanka, these unisex gloves have a cotton flock lining to keep your fingers cosy. These particular latex gloves are a size Medium.

Did you know

Not all plastic is man made

It is commonly believed that plastic is a man made product, typically originating from crude oil. Although this is true for most plastics, natural plastics such as rubber, come from the sap of a tree (video).

Origin story of the rubber glove

Rubber gloves were first invented in 1894 by William Stewart Halsted, the first chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (Source). He invented them to protect the hands of nurses who worked in the hospital. We have his first hand account below:

“In the winter of 1889 and 1890—I cannot recall the month—the nurse in charge of my operating-room complained that the solutions of mercuric chloride produced a dermatitis of her arms and hands. As she was an unusually efficient woman, I gave the matter my consideration and one day in New York requested the Goodyear Rubber Company to make as an experiment two pair of thin rubber gloves with gauntlets. On trial these proved to be so satisfactory that additional gloves were ordered. In the autumn, on my return to town, an assistant who passed the instruments and threaded the needles was also provided with rubber gloves to wear at the operations. At first the operator wore them only when exploratory incisions into joints were made. After a time the assistants became so accustomed to working in gloves that they also wore them as operators and would remark that they seemed to be less expert with the bare hands than with the gloved hands.” (Source)

Allergy warning

Not suitable for those with an allergy to latex.


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