Tisserand Aromatherapy 3-Steps to Sleep Better 3 x 10ml

Tisserand Aromatherapy 3-Steps to Sleep Better 3 x 10ml


  • A comforting 3-step ritual
  • Made with 100 percent natural essential oils
  • Body oil, mood fix mist and roller ball
  • Help you to let go of stress and enjoy a sense of calm
  • Ideal gift for a loved one who needs a boost of motivation

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About this product

Tisserand’s blissful bedtime 3-Step Ritual is a simple but effective routine to help you sleep well. Containing Massage & Body Oil for the body and mind, Pillow Mist for your bed and Pulse Point Roller Ball for instant comfort.

Expertly blended with 100% natural pure essential oils to stimulate your senses naturally. The sumptuous aroma of Jasmine wraps the senses in a cocoon of serenity while warming Sandalwood brings inner comfort and harmony. Lavender envelops the body and mind with its soothing and soporific properties, helping you sleep peacefully and wake up recharged, ready for the day ahead.

Beautifully boxed, the 3-Step Ritual To Sleep is an ideal gift for loved ones who need to slow down, relax and sleep well. This entry-level product features a taster of the benefits aromatherapy has to offer.


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