The pink stuff cleaning paste

Pink stuff miracle cleaning paste 500g


  • Tough on stains
  • Ideal for cleaning saucepans, barbecues, ceramic tiles and much more
  • Removes rust and discolouration from metal surfaces
  • Ideal for removing stubborn marks from hard surfaces
  • A great all round cream cleaner

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About this product

Stardrops Pink Stuff has recently become very popular among cleaning influencers on social media and is being lauded a “hero product”. That is because of the paste’s versatility and powerful cleaning capabilities.

Removes all kinds of dirt and stains

Pink stuff is a tough cleaning paste that is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains. Its uses range from the dark stains at the bottom of your coffee cup, cleaning old tile grouting or even removing yellow marks from pots and pans. It’s a simple solution to so many different everyday problems, definitely a cleaning cupboard must have.

Charter for sustainable cleaning

Stardrops is committed to the charter for sustainable cleaning – a voluntary industry initiative, which encourages manufacturers and consumers to adopt more sustainable cleaning practice (learn more here).

Directions for Use

  1. The Pink Stuff is a mild abrasive paste cleaner and should be used with care
  2. Always test on inconspicuous area
  3. Apply using a soft cloth or sponge
  4. Rub gently before rinsing off with clean water
  5. Polish with a clean dry cloth

Be very cautious about using The Pink Stuff on paintwork. For a gentle abrasive tool which is commonly used to take scuff marks out of paint, try magic erasers.

Did you know

The Pink Stuff is great at removing grime from the grout between the tiles in your bathroom, but in order to the mould out of sealant (silicone mastic) you’ll need:

  • Bleach
  • Cotton wool
  • Gloves

The Pink Stuff

Directions to removing mould from mastic

  1. Put on gloves
  2. Wash down the area you intend to clean and allow to dry fully
  3. Pour some bleach into a non-metal container or bowl (something you don’t mind potentially being damaged by bleach)
  4. Dip the cotton wool balls into the bleach until they are soaked
  5. Then press the cotton wall along the edges you wish to remove mould from
  6. Ensure the cotton wall and the edge has as much contact as possible
  7. Leave (preferably overnight) for 12 hours plus
  8. Remove the cotton wool with gloves and put them straight into a bin or plastic bag without holes
  9. Tie up plastic bag and put straight into the rubbish


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