Oriel's Readymade Hand Sanitiser 3X50ml Spray
Oriel's Readymade Hand Sanitiser 3X50ml Spray

Oriel’s Readymade Hand Sanitiser 3X50ml Spray Bottles


  • Comes in a pack of three 50ml spray bottles (150ml of sanitiser spray in total)
  • Small spray bottles easily fit into pocket
  • Able to spray touchpoints with ease (i.e. shopping trolleys)
  • 70% concentration of alcohol
  • Needs to be at least 60% to be effective against germs
  • This 3 pack works out to be £3.99 per bottle
  • Refills of the spray bottles (link) cost £2.50 per refill
  • Added jojoba oil to prevent soreness caused by dryness

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About this product

Oriel’s Readymade Hand Sanitiser is a convenient and cost effective hand sanitising solution. This pack includes three 50ml spray bottles, totaling 150ml of hand spray.

Included in this kit

3x 50ml spray bottles of Oriel’s Lemongrass scented hand sanitiser spray.

Significantly more powerful than needs be to kill germs

Hand sanitisers require at least a 60% concentration of alcohol to be effective against germs however these sprays are measured to be 70% alcohol concentration.

Spray touchpoints with ease

These handy spray bottles fits comfortably into your pocket and because it is a spray bottle you are able to use it to spray the handles and communal touchpoints that we come into contact with everyday. There is jojoba oil in this solution so be mindful when spraying surfaces that are likely to stain.

Long term savings, only £2.50 a bottle refill

Once you purchase these bottles initially, you can then use Oriel’s 500ml Refill Bottle to reuse them. Oriel’s Refill Bottle provides up to 10 refills and works out to cost as low as £2.50 a 50ml spray bottle so long term savings ahead.




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