Oriel's Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser kit
Oriel's Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser kit

Oriel’s Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser Spray 100ml


  • Make your own Oriel’s hand sanitiser spray
  • Will make 100ml of hand sanitiser
  • Enough for two 50ml spray bottles
  • Around 70% alcohol once mixed (+-5%)
  • Needs to be at least 60% to be effective against germs
  • Complete control of what goes into your hand sanitiser spray
  • Able to spray touchpoints with ease (i.e. shopping trolleys)
  • Refills of the spray bottles (link) cost £2.50 per refill
  • Added jojoba oil to prevent soreness caused by dryness

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About this product

Oriel’s Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser gives you a unique insight into how the hand sanitiser spray that many of us use everyday, is made.

Greater control over your skincare

The transparency of ingredients, seeing exactly how much of each ingredient goes into making this hand sanitiser and the fact that your are actively mixing the solution yourself gives you greater control over what you use on your skin.

Included in this kit

  1. Isopropyl alcohol 75%
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Vegetable glycerine
  4. Essential oils and jojoba oil mix
  5. Instruction booklet
  6. 50ml spray bottle
  7. Spare nozzle head applicator

Significantly more powerful than needs be to kill germs

Hand sanitisers require at least a 60% concentration of alcohol to be effective against germs. Once mixed your kit should produce a hand sanitiser with a strength of 70% (+-5%), so will certainly be able to handle the germs lurking around.

Spray touchpoints with ease

Handy spray bottle fits comfortably into your pocket and because it is a spray bottle you are able to use it to spray handles and communal appliances that we touch in everyday life. Be mindful that there is oil in this solution so be mindful when spraying painted or surfaces that are likely to stain.

Long term savings, only £2.50 a bottle refill

Once you have made this hand sanitiser yourself, you can then buy Oriel’s 500ml Refill Bottles, which provide the equivalent of 10 hand sanitiser spray refills and workouts out to as low as £2.50 per refill. So short term knowledge and long term savings.




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