Oriel's 500ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bottle

Oriel’s 500ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bottle


  • Contains 500ml of Oriel’s Hand Sanitiser
  • Designed to refill 50ml sprays of Oriel’s Make Your Own and Readymade Hand Sanitisers
  • 70% concentration of alcohol
  • Needs to be at least 60% to be effective against germs
  • Works out to be £2.50 per bottle
  • Added jojoba oil to prevent soreness caused by dryness
  • Refreshing lemongrass scent

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About this product

Oriel’s 500ml Refill Bottle is a cost effective and waste reducing hand sanitising solution. This bottle provides enough hand sanitising solution for ten 50ml bottles of hand sanitiser. Its refreshing lemongrass scent will leave you feeling and smelling clean.

Included in this kit

500ml of Oriel’s Hand Sanitiser (10 refills of Oriel’s Make Your Own and Readymade)

Significantly more powerful than needs be to kill germs

Hand sanitisers require at least a 60% concentration of alcohol to be effective against germs however this solution is measured to be a 70% alcohol concentration.

Double to moisturisation

This solution provides double the moisture by including both vegetable glycerine (a humectant) and jojoba oil (an emollient) which means that the solution both bonds with water molecules to increase the water content in the skin itself (the humectant) as well as soften and smooth the scales of the skin, which help reduce rough, flaky skin (the emollient). This is designed to prevent the soreness caused by dryness that commonly comes with traditional hand sanitisers while not being too greasy.

Long term savings, only £2.50 a bottle refill

Once you purchase these bottles initially, you can then use Oriel’s 500ml Refill Bottle to reuse them. Oriel’s Refill Bottle provides up to 10 refills and works out to cost as low as £2.50 a 50ml spray bottle so long term savings ahead.




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