Method daily shower spray ylang ylang

Method daily shower spray ylang ylang 828ml


  • Scented with a lovely mix of orange flowers, honeysuckle, ylang ylang and jasmine
  • Prevents soap scum
  • Dissolves mildew
  • Just spray a fine mist on all wet surfaces after each shower
  • Non toxic bathroom cleaner
  • Tackles hard water and lime stains

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About this product

Method’s Ylang Ylang scented Daily Shower Spray an effective bathroom cleaner that is made from natural ingredients derived from starch and minerals, meaning it’s totally free from toxic chemicals that harm the environment.

Tackles hard water and lime stains

It prevents soap scum and dissolves mildew, hard water and lime stains.

Easy to use

  1. Spray on a wet surface
  2. Leave to work its magic
  3. Wipe with a damp cloth (or use a soapy brillo pad for a deeper clean on tougher limescale and grime – becareful not to scratch surfaces with the brillo pad. Always test on an inconspicuous area)

Powerful cleaner so test on an inconspicuous area first. Not suitable for use on natural stones, Method’s Granite and Marble Cleaner is.

Naturally derived

Powergreen technology is Method’s innovative green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch. It’s lactic acid and corn-starch derived decyl glucoside will dissolve and prevent soap scum and lime deposits.

What does it smell like?

Orange flowers and honeysuckle with bright notes of ylang ylang and jasmine.

No nasty surprises

This product carries official Cradle to Cradle certification (learn more)and is completely free from parabens, microbeads and animal testing.

Did you know

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Uses and Benefits | AromaWeb

Tiny flowers

The name ylang-ylang or ilang ilang is derived from the Tagalog term for the tree. In tagalog, ilang means wilderness, this likely alludes to the tree’s natural habitat. A common mistranslation is “flower of flowers”(source).

Chanel no.5 perfume

Ylang ylang is the scent that gives the distinctive smell in Chanel N°5 perfume.

Africa supplies most of the world demand

The world’s top producer of ylang ylang essential oil is Comoros, a group of small islands off of the East coast of Africa. This small place is responsible for 80% of the worlds supply (source).


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