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Magic eraser sponges 4 pack


  • Pack of 4 magic eraser sponges
  • Popular and chemical free cleaning tool
  • Gentle and effective abrasive material
  • Great at removing scuff marks from walls
  • Also removes scuffs from trainers and more
  • Minimal packaging to reduce waste

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About this product

Magic eraser sponges provide an effective abrasive solution which can be used in many domestic cleaning situations.

Added cleaning power

These magic erasers are unique because they are pre-loaded with anti-bacterial soap. This means that if you add a small amount of water you will reactivate the soap and will have the abrasiveness of the melamine eraser sponge, with the emulsifying powder of the detergent and the anti-bacterial agents in the soap.

Because it is pre-loaded, it avoids the heavy handed application of soap to the sponge.

Directions of use

  • Cut to size if necessary
  • Lightly spray water onto the magic eraser sponge
  • Gently squeeze to activate sponge
  • First test on very inconspicuous area
  • When rubbing, try to keep a low pressure, increase pressure gradually if needs be
  • Avoid pressing hard as can easily damage surfaces
  • Always aim to rub against the grain, in order to avoid scuff marks

Common uses

  1. Removing scuffs from walls and skirtings
  2. Glue residue left by stickers and labels
  3. To buff tarnished silver
  4. Remove ink from fingertips
  5. Scruffs on trainers
  6. From scuffs from leather footwear
  7. Deodorant stains from clothes
  8. Remove stains from concrete
  9. Car clean rims


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