Hummingbirds oven gloves

Hummingbirds double oven gloves by Cooksmart


  • Hummingbirds double oven glove from Cooksmart
  • Cool sophisticated grey for most kitchens
  • Sturdy and stylish quilted design
  • 100% cotton outer and 100% polyester filling
  • Measures approximately L90cm x W17cm
  • Machine washable

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About the product

These Cooksmart hummingbird double oven gloves are a cool and sophisticated grey that will match most kitchen decors. This product is colour fast so easily machine washed. Its polyester filling provides good bounce and a softer feel.

Meets safety standards

Insulates and protects hands from heat to British Standards BS6526: 1998. This British Standard specifies minimum dimension and performance requirements for materials and thermal properties for oven gloves used in domestic situations.

Did you know

The mysterious Mr Mitt

There is a pervasive rumour that oven gloves are sometimes called oven mitts because, it is said, that they were first invented by a Texan American baker named Earl Mitt in the early 1870s. It’s said that he suffered a terrible burn while baking, leaving his left hand permanently damaged. He reportedly used a combination shoe leather and wool (source). None of this story can be verified as there aren’t any patents for ‘oven mitts’ in made by this mysterious Mr Mitt (source).

Absestos gloves

Also did you know that throughout the 20th century, many heat resistant gloves (and even a fireman’s suit) were made of the now banned substance asbestos (video, video). Asbestos, although very good at insulating heat, can also be very damaging to the lungs and was fully banned in the UK in 1999 (source).



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