Ecozone washing machine and dishwasher cleaner

Ecozone washing machine and dishwasher cleaner (6 tablets)


  • Includes 6 tablets
  • Removes limescale and detergent build up while sanitising
  • Cleans and maintains your appliances and pipework
  • Non-toxic, septic tank safe formula
  • Protect kitchen appliances and help avoid costly repairs, removes dirt and limescale
  • Cleans and freshens appliances with lemon scent
  • Easy to use, no-mess soluble wrapper
  • Vegan certifie

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About this product

Ecozones Washing Machine & Dishwasher Descaler tablets includes 6 tablets which will help to protect your kitchen appliances. It’s specially formulated to clean, freshen and descale, by getting rid of stubborn limescale and detergent that has built up over time. It is a good maintenance tool.

Easy to use

This easy to use solution will keep your machine perform at its best, while preventing expensive call out charges and repair bills.

Did you know

Josephine Cochrane is the lady most commonly credited with the invention of the first dishwasher. Ms Cochrane, was a wealthy woman and the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat. As a lady who entertained frequently, she found her expensive crockery was repeatedly being broken (by her servants). In response, she set about inventing the dishwasher, which she later unveiled at the 1893 Worlds’ Fair in Chicago. (Source)

Quick trivia quiz

Who made the first electronically powered dishwasher in Europe in 1929?

a) Hoover

b) Miele

c) Bosch



Answer >>

b) Miele


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