Ecozone toilet cleaner

Ecozone Toilet Cleaner 750ml


  • Removes limescale & water mark staining
  • Deep cleans, freshens & sanitises
  • Kills germs & bacteria
  • 750ml bottle

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About this product

Ecozone’s Toilet Cleaner is a bleach-free, non-toxic cleaner with plant-based ingredients to help you clean and sanitise your toilet bowl. This septic tank safe and eco-friendly product has a super thick non-drip gel consistency that will cling to the toilet bowl from the rim to the water level, to ensure a deep clean with every use.


  1. Squirt the gel from the bottle as normal
  2. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes (longer for tough to remove watermarks)
  3. Scrub with a brush from top to bottom
  4. Then flush!

The gel actively works to penetrate and lift limescale build-up and staining, while sanitising and removing bacteria and germs. With its cool Ocean Breeze smelling fragrance, your toilet will stay fresh and look sparkling.


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