Ecozone dryer cubes

Ecozone dryer cubes pack of 2


  • Reduces drying time and saves energy
  • No chemicals
  • Softens clothes without chemical additives
  • Makes ironing easier by relaxing fibres
  • Includes 2 cubes
  • Suitable for anyone with allergies

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About this product

Ecozone is a British company who produce sustainable alternatives to all conventional household cleaners. These dryer balls are a simple and effective way of saving tumble drying time, energy and time spent ironing.

Faster drying times

The Dryer cubes retain more heat and so become an additional heat source inside the dryer, it also cleverly lifts and separates clothes and laundry creating better airflow and thus drying them faster.

Softer clothes

The cube shape has a large contact surface area, allowing the nodes to get more contact with the fabric than a round ball would. The pressure it puts on the clothes as it goes around in the drum massages out the fibres of the fabric meaning softer clothes without the need for fabric conditioner and less time ironing.

Additional information

Use two cubes for every use. Not to be used in washing machines. This is a non chemical solution so is suitable for those with allergies.


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